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About us

Off4Sale Store was born from the hand of mother and children and from the many years of experience in handling quality products. We knew how difficult it is to need a product and have to search hundreds of stores to get them and never in one place, so we decided to do something about it and be able to help those people who do not have the time to get what they need or want.

Off4Sale Store was born to offer an immense assortment of essential products for you and your family, offering excellent service and always at competitive prices.

We want to find and sell the necessary products and the best quality for you.

At Off4Sale Store we are proud to achieve the satisfaction of our customers by receiving quality products since you are our fundamental pillar. We feel fully responsible for the satisfaction with the experience of our clients, as well as guaranteeing the quality and delivery of our products. We speak Spanish and English, both by email and by phone, and we ship worldwide.

Welcome to the Off4Sale Store - a completely new experience when buying your products.